Saturday, May 2, 2009

Michael Steele and the Battle over RNC Proposed Spending Restraints

RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele should quietly embrace the proposed financial system of checks and balances being considered for the Republican National Committee chairman’s spending authority.

"The Pullen resolution would make it a written rule that contracts of $100,000 or more be open to competitive bidding; that all checks be signed by two RNC officers; that party staff be prohibited from signing on behalf of an officer; and that all contracts be reviewed and approved by the members of the RNC executive committee."

Fighting over such commonsense recommendations creates a no-win situation for the Republican Party as it seeks to rebrand itself, and for Steele it invites a revisitation of past accusations of financial impropriety. Moreover, it creates a counter-productive sideshow for the Republican Party, as it seeks to attract minorities and overcome past accusations of racism.

Chairman Steele should swallow his pride and welcome the proposed system of checks and balances. Frequent financial scandals involving major corporations have created an environment where there is a greater need for monetary oversight to help increase the confidence of potential donors. The proposed new restraints could make it much easier for the RNC to raise the funds it desperately needs for electing candidates and for getting across its oppositional message. It is a mystery as to why such commonsense measures were not already established RNC policy.
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